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We are a team of professional landlords, real estate investors, property managers, realtors and  paralegals, here to help with you solve your real estate problems. Whether you are dealing with a difficult tenant situation, complex maintenance issues, financial troubles, zoning/bylaw or LTB matters, our team can help. 

Why we help...
Most of us got into real estate expecting some challenges... but ultimately hoping that it would elevate our lives and turn us into Investors! Not to add an extra line of work to our daily lives. 

How many Ontarian landlords have gone through the process of seeking help to solve a problem by calling the Landlord Help Line? How many of us feel as though the system is working against us?

How many times have you felt held hostage by your tenants refusing to pay rent if you do not comply with their demands? 

Investing was meant to improve our quality of life, not diminish it. 
Our team members have all felt this way at one point or another and want to offer guidance to others undergoing the same struggle. 

As a landlord, you want to offer a quality home for others to live and receive in turn a good tenant who will pay their rent and show consideration to their home. 

But when one party fails to hold up their end of the bargain, we have to find a resolution. We are here to improve the standards of landlords and help them act professionally, appropriately and profitably. There is a solution to every problem and we believe our experience can help.
What we do
Our group is here to help small to mid-sized landlords by giving situational advice based on real life experiences from successful landlords. Every member of our group has their own portfolio and dealt with their own share of problems the same as you. 

Landlords often find themselves in situations they never expected or made aware of by those real estate guru's we would meet at seminars.

Combined, we've dealt with thousands of scenarios working with hundreds of landlords to solve every problem you can think of. You can learn from our success AND our failings. There is no university or college degree that will teach you how to do this, we are just regular landlords trying to help others overcome the same problems we did.

If you need help, send us a message. 
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Check out our YouTube channel, Property Hustlers, where we talk about how experienced Landlords and Real Estate Investors go about solving day to day problems and dig deep into understanding a variety of real estate based concepts that help us grow our portfolios.

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Only Two Landlords
If you are a Hands-On-Landlord, it means you probably like doing a few things yourself. Whether you're taking texts from your tenants, sending over maintenance guys, fixing things, visiting your property or sending your own notices, YOU are a hands on landlord.  

Many landlords think they are hands off just because they've hired a handyman or a realtor to visit the property from time to time and they're not physically involved. But without realizing it, they've become a Property Manager! 

And there's nothing wrong with that! Doing things yourself can save you some operational costs and teach you a lot about the ins and outs of a landlords responsibilities. Most hands on landlords are very cashflow focused with the ultimate goal of producing enough rents to allow them to quit their day job. If you have enough properties to support you and find the work enjoyable, then more power to you! Especially if your background makes you a suitable person to handle whatever it is you need to tackle. 

But for many new landlords starting, visiting your property to do work and making regular decisions on the operations of your rental home on top of your day job, takes away time you could be spending with your family, on your career, with friends or on hobbies. And from an investment standpoint, this is time taken away from scaling your real estate portfolio. 

True investors must always consider the opportunity cost of their choices.

If you are a passive landlord, you ensure to stay distant and hands off from the day to day operations of your property by leveraging a team through property managers, contractors or realtors, allowing you to focus on your OWN profession.

The idea is for you to build a team to handle all regular day to day decisions regarding your rentals so you are not bothered with smaller cost matters. In an ideal situation, you are only periodically contacted by your property manager when a significant matter arises. 

The way to remain hands off requires you to focus on building your team / network that funnel through a chain of command, usually through a property, project or asset manager. You are not bothered by daily small

A passive landlord understands that their time is best spent elsewhere. Be it focusing on their careers or looking for more real estate deals. It is understood that cashflow is a bonus, but not a lifeline. Your job is meant to support day to day life, your investment is to yield great returns, over time. 

It is not always easy to be a passive landlord as hiring people can become very expensive. And if you're just getting into real estate game, the temptation to save money by including your sweat equity into the mix may be overwhelming. Although there will be times you will have to get a little more involved early in your investing, you strive to eliminate the need of your constant physical and mental presence. 

If you successfully build a system around operating your rental properties, you can now reap the benefits of real estate investing in rental properties, go on vacations, spend time with your family and grow your real estate empire. 

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